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Executive Multipurpose Pool Table

executive multipurpose pool table

Aramith Fusion Pool Dining Table
A dual purpose table, the DPT Fusion pool dining table is designed for pool but is also supplied with an additional 2 piece dining top finished in a matching veneer.
Executive Multipurpose Pool Table

Executive Multipurpose Pool Table

Combining both pool and dining in one single wooden structure is no mean feat, but Aramith have managed to achieve the improbable. In the process, eliminating the heart-breaking decision that once faced us all; do we want somewhere to eat or somewhere to play pool?

2-in-1 pool and dining room table
Classy, executive look on both tables
No, it doesn’t make more sense to just buy an actual table and a separate, purpose built pool table. Trust us.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the long walk to another table after working up a hunger on the pool table then you should seriously consider investing in the Aramith Fusion Pool Dining Table.

It truly is the chameleon of tables, blending into its surroundings and avoiding dangerous predators… Actually that’s just actual chameleons, but it really is convincing both as a dining table and for playing pool on.

executive multipurpose pool table open

executive-multipurpose-pool-table-3The speed in which it can be transformed from one state to another means as you line up that shot on the black, which you’ll miss because you don’t deal with pressure well and are terrible at long pots across the table, your wife/significant other/butler can start getting dinner out the oven.

They’ll be safe in the knowledge that once you’ve inevitably missed and your opponent has wrapped up the victory it’ll only be second for you to get the table back into dining mode ready for dinner to be served.

But what about the height difference for optimum pool playing and dinner eating, no one wants to bend down to ridiculous levels when trying to play and likewise reaching up to eat your dinner?

No thanks, which is why the table comes with a spring assisted easy-lift system meaning there’s no need to search for four identically thick books ever again.

Need your table customised? No problem. Home Leisure Direct can add any branding to this table, to your specific requirements. Logo, slogan, or club football crest – the choice is yours.

customised executive multipurpose pool table

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