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Emoji Coasters

Emoji, emoticons, smileys – whatever you want to call ‘em, these expressive yellow coasters are the new face of the coffee table.

Set of six awesome coasters
Featuring your favourite emoticons
Wipe clean coasters for easy cleaning

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What about an emoji? These things convey words and emotions! That must be worth about ten thousand words, if you stop to think about it. These yellow smiley icons have become essential parts of our daily communication, and for good reason.

How much nicer is it to get a text followed by a smiley face, than just a blanket, boring message full of plain old alphabetical letters? A message is just a line of letters until you can see the emotion and feeling of the person behind it. After all, communication is not just about words or alphabetical letters, but about a look, a smile, a wink, a frown of displeasure… all of which are difficult to put into an alphabetical message. Except, of course, if emojis are used.

Bring all that communication and emotion to the table in the form of six splendid coasters, each featuring a different much-loved emoticon. These bright yellow coasters are wipe clean and heat resistant, and have a protective foam base on the bottom to protect surfaces from damage from hot drinks. And unlike other coasters, these emoticons are just the thing for sending a nice subtle message to the recipient of that hot drink straight from the kitchen. So hand over that cuppa with a wink, a laugh, or lovey-dovey eyes: whatever the emotion, these coasters have got you (and your precious wooden counters) covered.

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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

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