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Easy Change Art Frame


easy change art frame

My Li'l Da Vinci A4 Art Cabinet, Black

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Easy Change Art Frame

As a parent there is not much in the world that makes you happier than seeing your darling little child excel at something, and that is why you are just so happy to keep their messy, albeit creative portraits of you that bear a slight resemblance to a wild animal, or something that looks like it’s been plucked from Picasso’s wildest nightmares.

Every household with young children in it has stacks and stacks of paintings and drawings created by them, and proper storage and display can be an issue. With this ingenious easy to change art frame, you can store up to 50 of your children’s masterpieces at a time, due to the nature of the cabinets design (a spring-loaded system), with your favorite or the most recent work of art at the front for the world to see.

Although your child’s finger painting that they did at nursery isn’t going to be sold to a wealthy art collector for millions of pounds, it doesn’t mean that you don’t treasure them dearly. So hang them up for all to see – and keep them safe from harm.


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Last update was on: 22 August 2019 13:31
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