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Dog Tape Dispenser


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Scotch 19mm x 7.5m Dog Dispenser with 1 Roll of Scotch Magic Tape

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Dog Tape Dispenser

Dogs bring joy – and slobber – wherever they go. Plus these furry companions are always eager to do anything that will make them good boys and girls. Why not put that slobbery tongue to good use? This good boy is here to bring you happiness – as well as that little piece of sticky tape you desperately need.

Dog-shaped tape dispenser
Includes one roll of tape
Slobbery licks not include

Man’s best friend just has that knack of bringing joy to a glum day. Whatever the situation, a glance at that those big eyes and drooling tongue just waiting to give your sad face a great big slobbery lick will cheer up the the saddest face.

Harness that joy, energy, and desire to help! This mini canine companion will help dispense your tape in the cutest way possible. Feed him a roll, and whenever you need a bit of tape he will be right there to give you however much you need.

He also keeps the end of the roll nicely available, so you don’t ever again have to face that maddening task of hunting for the end of the tape. And that noble task alone clearly shows how much he deserves the title of man’s best friend.

With that true doggy smile and a little red food bowl you can keep something small in, this good boy is just the companion you need on your desk. Keep his joyful wee self close at hand for instant access to tape whenever you need it. Or give him as a gift to cheer up adults and children alike!


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Last update was on: 1 December 2020 04:47

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