DNA Bookcase

dna bookcase

Cattelan Italia DNA Bookcase
With a twisted design cleverly creating the appearance of DNA, contemporary tall bookcase with 13 shelves. Available in a choice of white or black painted steel.

DNA Bookcase

We all know books are boring, with all their letters and words, strung together like they actually mean something. That doesn’t mean they have to stored in a dull way though!

Far from it, if you stack them in an interesting way, that can take most of the focus away from the books and onto the bookcase – where it belongs.

The DNA bookcase comes with 13 shelves, that’s enough room for all the Harry Potters AND all the Twilights, and even better you can put books on both sides of the shelves. That’s space for at least 26 books, you may have to get a few doublers to fill them completely though. Who has twenty six different books?

With a choice of white or black finish you can finally see where you land in the eternal struggle between good and evil, light against dark, yin and yang. Not that picking black would necessarily mean you’re inherently evil, but, well… i’d definitely say you’re borderline.

Now every time you go to flick through 50 Shades of Grey – because you find the story compelling, not because of the sex – you’ll be able to wonder at the mystery of human existence with this striking reminder of the very DNA that makes us all. You can ponder how the first creatures crawled out of the sea only to evolve to the point where we genuinely care what shape our bookcase is. Or just flick straight to the dirty parts.

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