Custom Made Coin Bowl


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Have a bowl made from your old coins as a memento of your travels, or a remembrance piece from times past.

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Custom Made Coin Bowl

Coin Bowl

Ever wondered what to do with that collection of old coins you have? All those Francs, Lira, and Pesetas that you can no longer use? Well, you can now turn them into a beautiful coin bowl.

Made out of your own coins
Bent and silver soldered together
Handcrafted and unique for every order

Maybe you’re a coin collector, maybe you just amassed a lot of coins over the years, but instead of leaving them lying around you can now turn them into something useful.

This is particularly good for turning memories into a work of art. A selection of coins from around the world can remind you of your trips abroad. Or maybe your old coins from over the years can remind you of your past. Whatever the reason, a custom made coin bowl is a fantastic way to reuse your old coins.

This is a work of art, but is also a useful addition to your house. This unique looking bowl will draw attention but can also store your keys, fruit, mobile phones, or even more coins! This will make a great gift for someone in your life who appreciates a unique work of art, or just loves coins.


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