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SUCK UK Map Cross Stitch Kit

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Cross Stitch World Map Kit

Who wants a boring checkbox for their bucket list? Keep track of places you’ve visited – or plan to visit – by sewing them right on this fascinating world map in whatever colour or style you want.

Featuring our awesome world, printed right on cross stitch material
Includes thread, needles and pinewood frame
No previous cross-stitching experience required

Some stab pins into unassuming paper maps. Others stick photos and ticket stubs into scrapbooks. Yet others keep up a never-ending flow of new profile pictures to show off their adventures to the masses on social media. But these ways of keeping track of adventures had better move over quick, because there’s a far cooler and creative way of memorializing and showcasing your exciting travels – sewing your adventures right onto the world itself.

If you haven’t been bitten by the travel bug yet, this artsy map will get you moving and exploring!  We really do live in a wonderful world, and there is something mysterious and fascinating about just looking at a map that represents this earth and its people in such a simple yet beautiful way.  This map is fully customisable, so the choice is up to you how you will represent the places you have visited – or places where family or friends are located, or whatever other locations you wish to mark in a special way. You could sew in an entire country (especially useful for those who like to tick whole nations off the bucket list). Or chart your travel route or road trips with lines snaking across the globe. Or just mark certain cities or regions you’ve visited with neat little crosses, names, or icons. Or code countries according to colour, or flag, or places you liked the most, or according to order of the best and worst food… whatever rocks your world, represent it on this map!

The kit comes with 4 threads and needles, with the world map printed onto cross-stitch material just waiting for your creativity to transform it into a masterpiece and talking point. Cross-stitch beginners need not fear the sewing part of this adventure, as the simple stitching is easy to pick up. The material comes mounted in a pine wood frame, all ready to showcase the world of a creative person with itchy feet.



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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

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