Le Beanock Beanbag Hammock

Le Beanock Beanbag Hammock
The revolutionary, cozy beanbag hammock.
Beanbag Hammock

Beanbag Hammock

Everyone loves hammocks. And everyone loves beanbags!

But until now, beanbag and hammock connoisseurs had to enjoy their beanbag and hammock experiences one at a time. However with the revolutionary Beanbag Hammock, also known as ‘Le Beanock,’ combines these two icons of relaxation and comfort in one uber-comfy place! Now, when you’re contemplating relaxation methods for the weekend, you no longer have to choose between a beanbag or a hammock. Just grab a magazine, turn the TV on, and lie back in your soft and comfy Beanbag Hammock!

The Beanbag Hammock is made from 100% cotton canvas, and is suspended from marine quality eyelets that have been tested to 200kg, meaning you can sit back and eat as many Jaffa Cakes as you like, safe in the knowledge that ‘Le Beanock’ will carry your ever-growing weight. Single size and outdoor options are also available, meaning you can swing and sit in solitary splendour, indoors or outdoors, depending on your mood! The Beanbag Hammock is perfect for kid’s rooms, in the lounge-room as a design-conscious lounge, outdoors on the patio, or anywhere you feel the relaxation levels are dropping to sub-par standards. If you can convince your boss it is beneficial for your RSI, or that they need to be cool like Google, you can even have them installed at work!

Le Beanock is the relaxation solution for everyone. It is credited with saving many a marriage that was on the rocks due to irreconcilable differences. Some time around the second anniversary, many couples begin experiencing difficulties due to making the hard choice between beanbag couches or a built in hammock. Luckily, Le Beanock now puts paid to these serious domestic disputes, and couples can now peacefully enjoy the benefits of a hammock with the comfort of a beanbag. Le Beanock is the perfect compromise!

Le Beanock ships flat packed, but does not include beans or the chains pictured that hold the Beanbag Hammock up. However just pop down to your local hardware and purchase some shiny chains, explaining mysteriously to your hardware salesman that you need chains long enough to ‘swing from the ceiling.’ Don’t forget to pick up the polystyrene beans while you are there; otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck with a beige coloured indoor hammock. That would be like Mexico without the chilli.

You won’t know relaxation until you’ve tried ‘Le Beanock.’ It even comes with a fancy faux-French name, so you can feel superior to those unfortunates stuck with a boring old ‘hammock’ or ‘beanbag.

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