Colouring In Wallpaper

colour in wallpaper

Colour In Wallpaper

Bring your child's bedroom or playroom to life and create a unique mural with our exclusive half-wall wallpaper. Over 3sq meters of colouring fun that will keep your children, ...

Colouring in Wallpaper Unleashes Creativity!

If you have kids, or a very creative dog, this Colouring In Wallpaper wallpaper may just save your sanity.

There’s nothing worse than the kids drawing on the wall, unlessthey are supposed to draw on the wall…then it’s wonderful and artistic, and all your trendy cultured friends will be jealous they didn’t think of this first!

Encouraging your offspring’s fine motor skills while also enhancing their creativity, it’s a win win all round! This fantastic wallpaper can be coloured in with anything; paints, pens, crayons, or even your own blood if you’re avant garde about these things.

This is also a fantastic idea if you have areas of the house you don’t want them scribbling on. Children love to draw on things they’re not meant to, and if you put this up in your study or office, they probably won’t draw on it, because they’ll be drawing somewhere else, where you told them not to draw. Like their stupid faces. Or on your elderly aunt.

Either way, if the kids draw on this, its a win/win for you. You get to brag about their creative talents and appreciation of fine art to your more snotty friends and family, and if they don’t, well woohoo! You finally found a way to keep crayon and pen off every  surface you own!


Shape & Size

Colouring in Wallpaper comes in a pack of six sheets, each measuring: width 60cm x height 90cm. To make a 3.6 metre long wall mural, simply purchase one pack and make sure to align them together carefully.

Colouring in Wallpaper UK delivery: Receive this item in 2-5 working days.


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