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Locomocean Light Up Your Life Cinematic A4 Lightbox, Plastic

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Cinema Light Box

Finally, your name in lights! Celebrity or not, broadcast your messages for all to see on a classy cinema lightbox.

Powered by batteries or optional DC power
Features 85 black letters and symbols to broadcast that important message
6 blank tiles for letters or symbols of your choice

There are times when one really wants to leave a message for someone else in the house, be it guest or long-term resident. The more egocentric  among us also just like to make our name visible to as many as possible. How to leave that message, then? Some people write their little notes on bits of paper or sticky notes and leave them somewhere visible. But in reality, few people notice, and post-it notes lose their stickiness and fall under the table often,  and the message goes unseen. Which is a real shame, because those little post-it notes and bits of paper often carry important messages on them.

Well, if you plaster your message on a bright and beautiful lightbox, there’s no way anyone could miss it! After all, cinemas have used this eye-catching broadcasting method for years.. Want to leave a heart-warming “I love you” message to that special person? Or perhaps a more pointed message about cleaning the dishes? Need some attention or food? Or want to wish good luck for a first day at a new job or school? Or just spread love and peace and sunshine and rainbows? Whatever the message, make it classy and clear for all all to see by writing in in lights.

This lightbox has 85 letters, numbers and symbols for an endless possibility of messages, and includes blank tiles for you to personalise to your heart’s content. The light can be powered either by batteries or by a mains DC input. And, because piles of little letter tiles could get a bit messy, the box also features a handy built-in letter storage in the back for up to 220 letters. Magic!



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Last update was on: 21 February 2020 03:03
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