Champagne Cork Stool

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XL Giant Champagne Cork Stool - Grand Vin De Champagne - With Grooves

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Champagne Cork Stool

Wine connoisseurs often struggle to find suitably whimsical seating for their cellars or bars, that matches the elegantly earthy décor while still saying ‘I’m a lot of fun to hang out with in a wine cellar.’

This exciting and tasteful Giant Champagne Cork Stool is the perfect answer. Made from genuine, fine quality Portuguese cork, this unique seating is a perfect replica of an actual champagne cork, only 110 times the size. Both the top and the bottom of these exciting stools is stamped with ‘Grand Vin du Champagne’ and a star, to let people know this isn’t just a giant cork shaped stool, it’s a giant Champagne cork shaped stool!

Your guests can enjoy the comfort and ease of use that only cork gives, while enjoying your fine beverages in a fun way. After all, what’s more funny than making something bigger? And this giant champagne cork stool is pretty big! So big, that people can sit on it!! While they drink Champagne!! I’m laughing just picturing it! When your friends enter your wine cellar, they will instantly notice the oversized Champagne cork bar stools, and know that you’re not just an ordinary rich guy with a good wine cellar. You’re a fun rich guy with a good wine cellar! Grab a set of Giant Champagne Cork bar stools today, and watch your parties come alive! Please don’t attempt to stuff them in giant champagne bottles though, that’s just taking the joke too far.

If you are more of a wine than a champagne person, we also have something just for you.

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