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Cactus Coasters

cactus coasters

ELINKUME Set of 6 Cactus Mug/ Coffee/ Tea Coasters with Flower Pot Holder Table Decoration Creative Gift

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Lowest price Product: ELINKUME Set of 6 Cactus Mug/ Coffee/ Tea Coasters with Flower Pot Holder Table Decoration Creative Gift - £13.50

Cactus Coasters

Cacti, those hardy desert-dwelling succulents, well understand the absolute delight of a refreshing drink, and this blessed specimen is particularly drinks savvy. Whatever the beverage situation, this nifty desert vegetation can split itself into 6 handy dandy coasters, ready to keep hot and cold drinks firmly in their place.

Individual coasters interlock into bigger cactus
Protective anti-skid material protects from spillages and slipping
Gloriously free of prickles and spikes

Deserts are a harsh environment. Often absolutely roasting by day in the searing full heat of the sun, temperatures can plunge to freezing when night falls and there is no cloud cover to trap in the warmth. Talk about weather extremes! Cacti have adapted beautifully to dealing with hot and cold alike, and this specimen is no exception.

We’ve given it the Latin name Cactusus Coasterii – also know to the average Joe as the delightful Coaster Cactus – and it consists of 6 different segments that can either be used as individual coasters, or slotted together into a practical flower pot home to form a rather glorious – and unspiky – cactus tree. And boy, does this prime example of desert vegetation adapt to whatever situation is thrown at it!

Got a piping hot cup of tea, just off the boil? This cactus can handle it with without breaking a sweat. Ice-cool beer from a cold, cold, fridge? Cactus party time. Enjoying a quiet drink by yourself? Borrow just one handy dandy segment off your cactus friend to set your drink on. Are there six people partying it up? Accept the whole cactus offering of half a dozen coasters and keep all six drinks from slipping or spilling.

This cactus does away with that annoying habit of coasters of cluttering up the place when not in use and yet somehow ending up completely out of sight when actually needed. With all individual segments handily slotting into one complete tree, your coasters will always be right at hand to take on your drinks, while also providing a pleasing and unique piece of tabletop décor.


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