2021 Bubble Wrap Calendar

Large 2021 Bubble Wrap Poster Sized Wall Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday

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2021 Bubble Wrap Calendar

Keep track of the date by popping some Bubble Wrap each day. A fun and satisfying way of keeping your days and months in order.

Have you ever popped those tantalising bubbles in a piece of Bubble Wrap? Silly question; of course you have. Have you ever walked on Bubble Wrap? If not, trust us – you’re missing out. Have you ever kept track of the days by popping a bubble a day? Wait… that’s a genius idea.

There is nothing as satisfying as popping Bubble Wrap, so why not ensure a bit of bubble-bursting happiness for every day of the next year? Remember that it’s the small things in life that make the day, and a little plastic bubble is a rather fabulous small thing that that will most definitely brighten your day.

Made in New York from recycled paper and plastic Bubble Wrap, the calendar is poster sized and includes a numbered bubble for every day of the year. Hang it in a prominent place in your room, office, or den, and get popping!

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