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Oyedens12pcs/set Novelty Grass Leaf Ball Point Pen Office School Supplies

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Blade of Grass Pens

This lush handful of grass is here to help you with all your writing and drawing needs. Pop the blades of grass onto your work surface and get scribbling!

Set of 12 ball point pens
Black ink
Feature several shades of vibrant green stems

Humankind has always looked to nature for inspiration and calm, whether for art, meditation, or other necessary components of human life. There’s just something about growing plants, and the stunning colours of the great outdoors, that sets the heart at ease and gets the creativity flowing.

Bring some of that lush greenery into your house and onto your desk or work space with this cool pen set! Each individual pen looks like a single, long blade of grass, tapering and curving at the end to give that authentic rustling in the wind look. Put them together and they look like a verdant fistful of lush greenery. And since the set includes a generous 12 pens, you won’t be running out of writing implements for a long time.

These pens all contain black ink, but the casings are in various shades of vibrant green for a realistic look of light and shadows, as well as new and old leaves. Store them around the house for all your writing needs, take them to the office, give them to friends, or pop them all together into a wee pot or planter for a lush bit of eye-pleasing, practical foliage right on your desk.


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Last update was on: 4 March 2019 18:06

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