Beanbag Three Piece Suite

beanbag three piece suite

Bazi Beanbag Three Piece Suite

Beanbag Three Piece Suite

Are you tired of family and friends mocking your extensive beanbag collection? Is your sore neck bothering you as you stare up the noses of everyone in your lounge room, as you lie back in your clown printed corduroy beanbag?

In other words, are you ready to be a grown-up?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this  furniture bean bag set by Bazi is for you! Upholstered in genuine upholstery fabric in the three officially recognised grown up and sophisticated colours, beige, brown and grey, these bean bags will fit into any grown up décor, and be accepted by the adult eye as a perfectly acceptable mode of lounge room seating. But they are still basically beanbags, and you can fill or deflate them as you require.

So no longer do you need to stare sadly at that hot babe in accounting from across the hall, scared of rejection due to your juvenile lounge seating. Pluck up the courage and go ask her out for coffee, confident in the knowledge that you possess a neutral coloured couch like all real adults, and she will definitely want to sleep with you because of that.

Then when you bring her home and fail to impress her enough for a second date, you can collapse on your beanbags for grown-ups and cry tears of shame like the big people do. Just don’t get a cat; cats will stilldo their best to pee on these just like they do with normal beanbags.

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