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SUCK UK Spooky Bat Pegs, Black

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Bat Peg

This cute bat peg is just the thing for a spooky touch on your washing line – or anywhere else where a a bit of pegging and an eerie touch would come in handy.

Fully winged laundry peg
For all your spooky pegging needs
A touch of Transylvania in your own home

Dwellers of dark, dingy caves and abandoned stone towers. Seekers of warm human blood on which to feast. Fearsome flying creatures of nightmares and scary movies. What evil reputations vampire bats have!

Yet when they’re not out on dodgy midnight escapades, these spooky creatures of the night actually enjoy just hanging around just like everyone else. Why not let them help with the laundry – or anything else that needs pegging – while they’re at it? Give them a chance and you’ll find that despite their creepy reputation, the flying critters are quite willing to lend a helping wing around the house.

These black bats can either hold a pegged item tight with a firm bite, or hang out upside down just peacefully chilling, making them perfect for hanging up washing, keeping that opened cereal bag firmly closed, or for just adding a bit of ghostly flair to their surroundings. Either way, their wings are spread to ensure that fabulously eerie silhouette is visible to all. These plastic bats are happy to do their work both inside the house as well as in the great outdoors – just like their living, breathing counterparts.


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Last update was on: 25 October 2018 23:30

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