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Balloon Effect Lights

balloon effect lights

Balloon Effect Lights

A fantastic blend of modern style with the traditional glow of classic atmospheric lighting, these balloon lamps will brighten up your space while adding a truly unique and fun twist to the room.

Hang from the ceiling to look just like authentic helium balloons
Easy self-installation
Uses standard light bulbs to produce an exceptional atmosphere

Remember the last time you got a helium balloon and oops! It slipped from your fingers and floated off into the sky? If you were a child at the time then the feeling was probably even more tragic. However, the sight of a balloon rising into the heavens and slowly disappearing into the distance can also be a rather lovely and nostalgic one.

Maybe it’s the sense of freedom that comes from something  soaring so happily high above everything else, or the thoughts of childhood that these air-filled balls conjure… or maybe balloons are just incredibly fun things that clearly belong in every celebration and life. However you think about it, balloons are just awesome and your life can never have enough of them. So why not add some to your room – or ceiling – for some multifunction fun and atmosphere?

These fabulously glowing balloon effect lights aren’t escaping anywhere except to your ceiling, where they will hang casting their golden orb in a 10 meter radius, perfectly sized for a room or small cafe. Would you like a solitary balloon? Or would you perhaps favour a whole congregation of them gathered in a carnival of lights above you? Whatever your preferences, get your hands on these fab illuminative balls and instantly transform your room into that glowing, cozy place everyone wants.

Made from iron and PVC, the lamps fix to the ceiling through easy self-installation. Featuring hanging “strings” like real balloons and compatible with standard lightbulbs or energy saving  LED bulbs, they are perfect for use in the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, in a cafe or bar, or anywhere else that could do with a bit of cozy atmosphere with a funky twist.


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