Balcony Railing BBQ


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Fallen Fruits Balcony BBQ Grill

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Balcony Railing BBQ

A barbecue grill can be quite a nuisance if space is limited, but this one can solve that with its clever positioning and efficient use of real estate.

Hangs from railing or wall
Requires little space
Made from durable metal

Everyone loves a good barbecue. But perhaps, regrettably, you don’t have a BBQ grill because you think you don’t have space for one, either in your garden or your shed. Well, think again, because this ingenious wee black grill hangs on a rail or a wall to provide a practical, out of the way barbecue experience anywhere.

So whether your bit of the outdoors consists of a sweeping country estate, a moderate garden terrace, or simply a wee apartment balcony, there will always be a little space for this BBQ, allowing you to enjoy your grilled drumsticks and sausages with your friends and revel in that lovely relaxed (and smoky) feeling a real barbeque set brings.  So grab a bag of charcoal and grab those tongs – it’s time to gather your pals together and get grilling!

Made from metal in a classy and practical black colour, the balcony railing bbq can be hung on a handrail or wall with standard flower-pot supports.


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Last update was on: 4 April 2020 02:02
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