8 Person Swing Table

Swing Table

8 Person Swing Table
Bring the playground into the boardroom or dining room with the Swing Table. Snap your staff or dinner guests out of the doldrums; meetings or dinners will become a fun and inspiring experience.

8 Person Swing Table

The best part about being a grown-up is getting to do all the things you weren’t supposed to do as a kid.

Like eating cake for breakfast, or refusing to take the bin out, or swinging on chairs. Except there’s always a killjoy, telling you ice-cream isn’t a nutritionally balanced staple food, or the smell in your house is overpowering and you need to take the bin out, or you won’t be invited to dinner again if you swing on my antique chairs.

This fantastic design solves all those problems! Well, one at least. You can swing your way through any dinner, board meeting or game of dungeons and dragons in comfort, and no-one can tell you otherwise!

The table can be made to seat between four and twelve people, so if you’re an employer seeking to connect with the Gen Y’s working for you, and emulate Google’s trendy workplace, grab one of these babies and soon you’ll be relating to those funky hipsters in no time.

The Swing Table can be made for use indoors and outside, and comes in a variety of finishes, with optional accessories including a sun shade. You can now entertain guests in the most quirky fashion around, and when they drunkenly fall off their chairs and break a wrist, you can all laugh later about that time at the party Gladys broke her wrist falling off your swing chairs!

You’ll be the best host around, and if you can afford this pricey piece of conspicuous consumption, you can totally afford the legal bill when Gladys sues! As a wise warthog once said… Hakuna Matata!


Available in black or white, and in 4, 8, or 12 person sizes. Outdoor option available.

Table crafted from walnut and the frame from steel. Dimensions: (L)235cm (W)160cm (H)220cm

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