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Cinema Light Box

  • Cinema Light Box

    Create an amazing, lit cinema-style message box for any occoasion. Emojis included!

    £11.99 £25.00 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Coffee Logs – Carbon Neutral Solid Fuel

  • Coffee Logs – Carbon Neutral Solid Fuel

    Stop chopping down trees - carbon-neutral coffee logs put old coffee waste to use. These logs contain 20% more energy than wood, and burn hotter.

    1-Day Delivery
    Foot Inspection Mirror

  • Foot Inspection Mirror

    Can’t bend that foot enough to see your sole? No problem: this mirror will show you the bottom of your feet, with no contorting or stretching required.

    Emoji Coasters

  • Emoji Coasters

    Whatever the emotion and whatever the drink, Emoji Coasters have got you (and your table top) covered!

    Light Side / Dark Side Switch Stickers

  • Light Side / Dark Side Switch Stickers

    Need some light? Come from the Dark to the Light Side with one simple flick of the switch.

    Cross Stitch World Map Kit

  • Cross Stitch World Map Kit

    Sew those countries off the bucket list with a cross stitch map that’s perfect for the creative globe trotter.

    £23.95 £25.00 CHECK IT OUT!
    Custom Made Coin Bowl

  • Custom Made Coin Bowl

    Beautiful, crafted bowl, bent and silver soldered together using your old coin collection. Turn your old coins into something useful.

    1-Day Delivery
    Pizza Cushion

  • Pizza Cushion

    This yummy pillow is the perfect way to snuggle whether you are just lying on the sofa or catching a nap.

    Portable Standing Desk  

  • Portable Standing Desk  

    Get your circulation and productivity flowing by switching out your chair and desk set-up for a portable, standing-height table.

    Animal Face Coasters

  • Animal Face Coasters

    Skip the cliché smiling: it’s time to snort, growl, and bear your teeth at the camera.

    Balcony Railing BBQ

  • Balcony Railing BBQ

    Barbecue sets are often clumsy things that gobble up a lot of precious space, but this is a different creature altogether. Slim and versatile, it can be hung on a railing or wall for a perfect, out of the way urban BBQ.

    Executive Multipurpose Pool Table

  • Executive Multipurpose Pool Table

    A pool table which doubles as a dining room table. Sports that classy, executive look. Obviously much more convenient than having two separate tables.

    £1,049.00 CHECK IT OUT!
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