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Custom Made Coin Bowl

  • Custom Made Coin Bowl

    Beautiful, crafted bowl, bent and silver soldered together using your old coin collection. Turn your old coins into something useful.

    1-Day Delivery
    Pizza Cushion

  • Pizza Cushion

    This yummy pillow is the perfect way to snuggle whether you are just lying on the sofa or catching a nap.

    Portable Standing Desk  

  • Portable Standing Desk  

    Get your circulation and productivity flowing by switching out your chair and desk set-up for a portable, standing-height table.

    Animal Face Coasters

  • Animal Face Coasters

    Skip the cliché smiling: it’s time to snort, growl, and bear your teeth at the camera.

    Balcony Railing BBQ -4%

  • Balcony Railing BBQ

    Barbecue sets are often clumsy things that gobble up a lot of precious space, but this is a different creature altogether. Slim and versatile, it can be hung on a railing or wall for a perfect, out of the way urban BBQ.

    £44.10 £46.74 CHECK IT OUT!
    Executive Multipurpose Pool Table

  • Executive Multipurpose Pool Table

    A pool table which doubles as a dining room table. Sports that classy, executive look. Obviously much more convenient than having two separate tables.

    £1,049.00 CHECK IT OUT!
    Pixelated World Monument Wall Stickers

  • Pixelated World Monument Wall Stickers

    Travel the world, Tetris-style! Transform your room into a global sightseeing zone as well as a retro video-game set.

    1-Day Delivery
    Vintage Light Bulbs

  • Vintage Light Bulbs

    Relive the fascinating and inventive days of Edison with vintage light bulbs, featuring hand-woven filaments that create a mesmerising atmosphere from the past.

    Mechanical Steampunk Light Switch

  • Mechanical Steampunk Light Switch

    Liven up your light switch with a Victorian, mechanical switch plate - a great reminder of human inventiveness and ingenuity.

    Brain Bookends

  • Brain Bookends

    Fascinated by the incredible organ that is the brain? Then let this set of right and left brain bookends keep your books in order for you, while adding some cool and intelligent decor to the room.

    Cat Paw Furniture Socks -26%

  • Cat Paw Furniture Socks

    Protect your precious floors by kitting out your chairs with adorable cat paw socks.

    £14.99 £19.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Radiator Fan

  • Radiator Fan

    Stop warming up the great outdoors and warm up your toes instead, by redirecting your precious warm air away from the window to the rest of the room where it’s actually needed. This award-winning, low-maintenance fan is the perfect solution for increasing the efficiency of the heating in your room or house.

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