Snorlax Bean Bag


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6ft Snorlax bean bag cover - big size pokemon bean bag, floor cushion, pokemon, snorlax pillow, giant bean bag, Adult...

Please read this before placing order: - Snorlax is 100% handmade and partially handstiched. It is a slow process but guarantee highest satisfaction. Check my review page for ...

Snorlax Bean Bag

When you’re wanting to curl up for an afternoon nap, there’s one Pokémon who’s more suited for this business than any other. Snorlax, we choose you!

Life sized Snorlax bean bag bed
The comfiest Pocket Monster out there
Handmade and washable

Aahh, Snorlax. That Pokémon with the ample belly who likes to sleep in the most inconvenient places. He’s so big that he can completely block the road, and almost nothing will get him to shift his great furry self out of the way. This beast spends his days snoring away… but can also unleash some pretty incredible power when necessary. The great thing about hims though is that despite being a huge monster, this gentle giant is happy to let kids and smaller Pokémon bounce about on his great big fuzzy tum! Which makes him the perfect candidate for an afternoon snooze.

Why not let Snorlax occupy your room for his beauty sleep? This life size Snorlax measures a considerable 6 feet and he’s looking for a place for his daytime snooze… If you let him use your floor, he’ll let you curl up on his great big Pokémon belly to have a snooze of your own.

This giant monster bean bag cover is handmade from soft, dark blue material and has all the characteristics of the great sleeping giant: claws, paws, pointy ears and sleepy little face all join onto a huge round tummy. His legs, arms and head are fully removable and can be used as extra pillows if needed. Along with the long double zipper sewed on to the bottom, this means that the cover can easily be removed from the bean filling and washed when needed.

And if you’re a fan of Pokémon, other huge and fuzzy Japanese beasts, or just napping on awesome squashy beds in general, why not also check out the Totoro Bed, the cool Pokéball Bowls, and Portable Air Sofa?

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