Pizza Sleeping Bag

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Pizza Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Pizza Cocoon, Food Blanket, Wearable Food, Fun College Present, Graduation Gift, Gifts For Him

Pizza Blanket, Sleeping Bag, Pizza Cocoon, Food Blanket, Wearable Food, Fun College Present, Graduation Gift, Gifts For Him, Birthday GiftCrochet pizza blankets are great for so ...
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Pizza Sleeping Bag

Now you can have your cake – er, pizza – and eat it too! Although we do  recommend using this particular pizza slice to curl up and snuggle in, and ordering another one to actually eat…

Hand crocheted pizza awesomeness
Available in baby, child and adult sizes
Customisable toppings and pepperoni pockets

There are days when all you want to do is snuggle on the couch with an extra cheesy pizza just out of the oven. Preferably with twenty or so episodes of your favourite TV show to binge watch as you eat. Sounds heavenly, right? But allow us to blow your mind for a moment. What if you could take this bingeing up a notch, and eat your pizza while snuggling inside another pizza? Now you can have your very own pizza cocoon, and yes, it’s as magnificent as it sounds!

Each incredible pizza blanket sleeping bag is handmade, crocheted using several strands of acrylic yarns. The pizza design is pretty clever, featuring a crust layer as well as a cheese and toppings layer, with a nice person-sized space in between so you can squeeze yourself right in there and snuggle between the cheese and crust. If you’ve ever wanted to feel at one with your pizza, thank your lucky stars now because here is your chance.

Of course, like all great pizza providers, the maker of this cheese fest caters for customisable toppings, so you can choose precisely what you want on your pizza. Whatever toppings you order are sewn right onto your giant pizza cocoon. We would strongly recommend the pepperoni: some of the pepperoni slices also double up as nifty pockets, so you can stash remotes and snacks and anything else you want in them. Excellent!

And if you love snuggling in cool and cosy things, you should also check out our splendid mermaid blanket.

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