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Pebble Pillows

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Pebble Pillows

If someone offered you a rock to rest your tired noggin on, you might think they’re having a laugh. Maybe you should give them a chance though, because some stones are comfier than others…. and a bed of these massive pebbles might just be the best thing you’ve ever relaxed on.

The softest stone you’ll ever see
Available in three different rock-y colours
Genuine smooth oblong pebble shape

Ever seen a rock garden? It might not seem like everyone’s cup of tea. But we can assure you that they are actually pretty cool places to sit, unwind, and enjoy a bit of peace as you contemplate the long-lasting and timeless beauty of geological formations that have stood unflinching through centuries – or millennia. Which is actually pretty mind-boggling when you stop to think about it.

Here however, is a kind of stone that hasn’t lived quite so long but provides a satisfying bit of rest and repose nonetheless. A stone that looks like the hardest rock out there, but is actually a squashy, comfy cushion. A pebble with all the convincing little coloured veins of other minerals running through its smooth outer surface. A rock of utmost beauty and value. A stone you pile into a heap with loads of other fellow stones and throw yourself onto for a blissful nap. Magnificent!

Available in three different colours to give the appearance of three different kinds of stone, these pebble pillows have a very convincing printed pattern cover that really do make them look like real rocks. Filled with cotton, they make fabulous cushions to sit on, cuddle… and maybe even throw at your friends next time they start a pillow fight.


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