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Moon Night Light


Uncle Milton Moon Night Light

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room Illuminated Decoration

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Moon Night Light

Do you like the moon? I mean, really like the moon? Like, LIKE like the moon! Well, do we have a night light for you!

Perhaps you live in a cellar, with no windows, and you miss the moonlight. Or perhaps you love the moon so much, that you cry every time the sun rises and you have to face another day of terrible, terrible sunlight. Finally, a product has been developed by scientists (really quite good scientists) to ease your pain, and give you the moon whenever (and wherever!) you want it.

With the Moon Night Light you can enjoy the moon, in any of its twelve magical phases, whenever and wherever you choose to have it. This easily installed Moon Night Light is battery powered and controlled by a unique remote control. You can set Moon Night Light to cycle automatically, with the cycles of the actual moon, or you can use the manual setting, and follow your mood, choosing whichever cycle catches your fancy! This feature is perfect for werewolves who have unfairly had only one night every month in which to transform, murdering the innocent and causing fear throughout local villages. Now, with Moon Night Light, werewolves can manually set the moon to ‘Full’ and enjoy their transformation whenever they are ‘in the mood.’

With unprecedented accuracy, Moon Night Light is a step up from those glow in the dark moon decals everyone is tired of. With a unique, curved, 3D design, and carefully sculpted accurate details of the moon’s surface, you can have an authentic Moon Experience whenever you want it….and wherever you want it. You can now have a moon in every room of your house! If you’re a magical person, it’s easy to remove all your light fixtures, replacing them with Moon Night Lights, so every room of your house can bask in the magical glow of Luna.

You can enhance your Magical abilities daily, as you bask in the moonlight; even on the loo! If your landlord complains, just hex him; you’ll be so powerful with all that Moon energy that no-one will dare cross you ever again! You can have as many cats as you want now!

Whatever your reasons for needing more Moon in your life, Moon Night Light is the solution you’ve been waiting for all your life. It is light sensitive, meaning it will start glowing automatically as the light fades, and will also shut itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity, saving the battery power, and preventing you from becoming over-charged with magical moonlight energy, which can be dangerous. Uncle Milton’s Moon Decoration even comes with a web code, enabling you to download an exclusive audio moon tour, so you can learn even more about the moon you love! Get your Moon Night Light today, and improve your moon-less existence immediately.

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Last update was on: 27 March 2020 16:57
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