Light Up Pillow


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AMOS 10 LED 7 Mood Colour Changing Light Up Glowing Illuminating Mood Super Soft Cosy Relax Plush Mood Pillow Cushion

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Light Up Pillow

Pretty lights and fluffy cushions – what could be better? This softly glowing cushion is just the thing for creating a snuggly and uplifting atmosphere.

Soothing display of soft lights
Super soft plush fake fur cover
Like a mood ring, but in pillow form

This mesmerising cushion glows softly with all the colours of a neon rainbow, and will instantly set an uplifting and relaxed mood in any room. Want something super soft to snuggle? The cushion cover is fashioned from ultra soft plush fake fur, making it just the thing for laying your weary head on or for gathering up in your arms for a comforting hug!

Like a mood ring, the cushion changes colour and randomly switches between seven different atmospheric shades. It uses 10 energy efficient LED lights to work its softly glowing magic, while getting maximum use out of the batteries. The batteries and lights are carefully stashed away inside the cushion, and can be switched on and off easily thanks to a handy switch. This way, you can determine when you want your pillow to softly glow in a soothing display of light and when you want it to be a normal, non-glowing cushion just hanging out in your room.

We think the awesome illuminating nature of this pillow would be great for kids, especially at night when the darkness can seem scary. Of course, we think that plenty of grown-ups would also love a fabulously glowing and plush cushion to snuggle with. If you’re getting one as a gift to give someone, you might want to buy two so you can keep one for yourself…


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Last update was on: 27 February 2020 10:43

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