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Laundry Punch Bag

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Suck UK Punch Bag Laundry Bag

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Laundry Punch Bag

Hate doing the washing? Have someone in the house who detests this necessary household chore? Time to turn laundry duty into a workout! This bag is cool, tough, and here to deliver an intense challenge for when you’re about to throw in the towel.

Keep those smelly socks in check
Turn the that boring laundry duty into an intense and fun workout
Great for martial arts lovers (and laundry haters)

Don’t want to take your clothes to the uni launderette in a naff bag that screams “smelly socks!” to everyone in sight? Here’s a far more acceptable and respectable option. And it doesn’t involve stashing dirty clothes into that nice new backpack you got last week. Here is a dedicated punchbag capable of delivering your washing to the machine in style, while also delivering a sweet workout!

laundry punch bag 2And if you’re one of those people who waits as long as possible to do the laundry, you’ll know how heavy and bulky washing can get when every item of clothes you own ends up in the pile. This heavyweight bag is well up to the challenge of holding all those smelly items. It’s been sturdily designed to take quite a beating after all!

Hang it in your wardrobe with the hooks provided, throw your dirty clothes in it, and do some punching until it’s time to finally do a load of washing. Then just swing it over your shoulder and head to the nearest washing machine in true heavyweight style. Hang it in the bedroom, stash dirty clothes in it when travelling, take it to uni for those launderette runs… like a true martial artist, this bag is always ready for action.


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