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Laptop Tray for Bed

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Zipom 100% Portable Bamboo Laptop Stand Foldable Desk Notebook Table Laptop Bed Tray Bed Table, Flat Style design, play games...

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Laptop Tray for Bed

Why face the world when you could just stay in bed? With this sensible piece of craftsmanship, you can comfortably do all your computer things right from the comfort of your own snuggly bed.

Fully foldable and portable laptop table
Also fabulous for books, notepads, and breakfast in bed
Adjustable leg height and tilt angle

Oh Bed, how we love thee! There is no better place in this world than under a snuggly, cosy blanket. That’s why so many of us dive under the covers when we want to use our laptops. After all, the beauty of the portable computer is that you can use it anywhere. And by “anywhere”, most of us mean “bed”. But, if you’re spending many hours with your laptop or notebook flopping about on your knees or a pillow, chances are your muscles and back will start aching after a while.

But fear not! There is a simple and magnificent solution for this conundrum. Pop your laptop onto a cute little bed table made just for this purpose, and you’ll be all sorted! This awesome bamboo table combines a lap tray with handy, foldable legs. Which makes just the perfect surface for using your laptop in bed. Prop yourself up into a nice position with cushions, adjust the little wooden legs so the table sits above your legs, tilt the laptop tray so it’s angled just perfectly for your hands, and you’ll be fine to use the computer for hours.

Made from bamboo, the table legs can be folded flat for easy travel or storage. They’re also adjustable, so you can get that perfectly flat table surface no matter what you’re lying on. And the tray part has all kinds of additional features, like a clever little bevel ledge to keep your laptop – or book – from sliding right off when tilted. And there’s a cup holder bit. Oh, and a pull-out drawer too!

This is just the gift for that lazy person in your life, or that friend who loves being productive and relaxed. It’s also fantastic for those with less mobility. You can use it for books, papers, breakfast in bed… And if you like sitting on the floor, well this wee table also works rather fabulously as a mini table there too.


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