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Glow In The Dark Stars


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LIDERSTAR Glow in The Dark Stars and Moon Wall Stickers, Beautiful Wall Decals for Bedroom. Full Moon &220 adhesive Glowing...

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Glow In The Dark Stars

There’s nothing like gazing up at a mesmerising night sky, is there? Something about that vast expanse of dark space, scattered with twinkling stars millions of light years away, is breath-taking and soothing for humans of all ages. Bring that glowing and comforting scene right into your house with this awesome set of glow in the dark stars and moon.

Realistic PVC moon
220 vinyl star stickers of various sizes
Easily installed, removed, and repositioned

Bring the spellbinding magic of the stars and the moon into your house! These fluorescent stickers transform any dark room into a mesmerising, glowing and calming night sky. With 220 stars of various sizes and one large glowing moon, this kit is all you need to cover a whole room with a stunning display of the celestial lights. Just attach them to the walls or ceiling of your choice and get ready to drift off to the land of dreams, aided by a magical starry nightscape…

Great for all ages, these stickers are particularly suited for providing a comforting light during the darkness of night. If your night lights are too bright or you want to avoid leaving devices on overnight, these celestial stickers are just the thing! Just 5 minutes of charging time under a bright light is all these vinyl heros need to set them glowing all night long.

The stars come in three different sizes, and are made of vinyl stickers that are attached and removed in seconds, while the moon is made from glow in the dark PVC material to prevent tearing due to its larger size. They whole lot are easily repositioned if needed, thanks to their decal nature! Stick these beauties on your wall, door, windows, ceiling… and once the lights are off, enjoy the dreamlike world glowing around and above you.


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Last update was on: 15 October 2019 00:33

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