Futon Bunk Bed


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High Sleeper + 3 Seater Futon + Optional Mattresses (Beige, High Sleeper + Futon + Memory Foam Mattress)

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Futon Bunk Bed

A small room doesn’t necessarily mean little space! A bit of creativity and thoughtful design can fit a lot into a small room without making it feel like it’s bursting at the seams. This elegant bunk bed fits a single bed and 3 seater couch that converts into a bed all into the space of one normal single bed. So you can have visitors, parties, and sleepovers all in the same room!

Safety rails around top bunk
Bottom couch unfolds easily into extra bed
Luxurious memory foam mattress

“Futon” is actually the Japanese word for a mattress that is traditionally laid on the floor to sleep on at night, and folded up and stashed away to create space during the day. The Japanese know the value of using whatever space you have efficiently and creatively, and this futon bunk bed draws on that know-how to create a sleek and space-saving bed and sofa-bed combo.

The main sleeping bed is the top bunk, easily accessible with the included ladder, and surrounded by sturdy rails to keep sleepers safe and sound as they rest. As the top bed is raised, the usually useless space found above and below beds is fully utilised, allowing a whole sofa-bed couch to nestle under the top bunk. Perfect for relaxing, lounging on, watching TV or whatever else you want a couch for, this sofa is actually a nifty futon that can also be unfolded and extended to create an extra bed when needed. The whole construction is strong and sturdy, made in the UK from solid iron with a gorgeous and smooth aluminium finish.

Of course, a good night’s sleep is important visitors as well as the main occupant of the room which is why the bunk bed is finished off with a luxurious memory foam futon mattress. This mattress is available in both firm and soft options, and is covered in a high quality damask fabric. Just because a mattress can be folded away and left unused for a while doesn’t mean it needs to scrimp on comfort!


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Last update was on: 14 December 2019 21:36

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