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Bulbasaur Planter


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Bulbasaur Planter

If you add a cute little Pokemon to your cute little succulent, what do you get? Heart melting botanic Pocket Monster cuteness!

Fab for succulents, cacti, herbs and other small plants
Also fab for Pokemon fans
Soothing blue-green Bulbasaur colour

Belonging both the the Grass and Poison Pokemon groups, Bulbasaur is a starter Pokemon who usually lives in the grasslands and forests of the Kanto region. Instantly recognisable by its cuteness and adorable snaggle-toothed smile, its skin is a lovely, soothing blue-green colour and there’s a dormant plant bulb growing on its back. Bulbasaur is also extremely loyal and kind, and will pick up young Pokemon and calmingly rock them in the air, proving to be an admirable caretaker.

These specifications make this little pocket monster the perfect Pokemon to host your real, living plant! Providing an excellent receptacle for your small plant or succulent, this friendly pocket monster will also enhance the appearance and cuteness of your little green growing thing with its own little green growing cuteness.

If you’ve always wanted a real, growing Bulbasaur, here’s your chance! Put your wee plant of choice into the dip in this ceramic Pokemon’s back, and it will look like it’s growing naturally as part of Bulbasaur’s anatomy. Just like his original bulb. With a convenient wee hole at the bottom of the planter, your precious plants will also be spared from overwatering and root rot.

So if you’ve got a mini cactus or succulent looking for a new home, it’s time to declare: “Bulbasaur, I choose you!”


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Last update was on: 14 December 2019 21:36

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