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Bear Hug Pillow

bear hug pillows

FRINGOO Inflatable Travel Pillow for Women Men Kids Soft Velour Neck Support Aeroplane Cushion Compact Unicorn Sloth Lama Rainbow (Sloth)
Adorable bear hug pillows keep you warm and cozy. Available in Panda Bear or Grizzly Bear.
£9.99 £11.99
Bear Hug Pillow

Bear Hug Pillow

Bears just got it all together: eating in the summer and hibernating in the winter. Who says you can’t join them? Here’s a bear buddy ready to show you the way.

Flexible, squishy paws just waiting to wrap around you
Grizzly bear and Panda bear versions available
Considerably more enjoyable than an actual rib-cracking bear hug

Sometimes you just need a nice friendly hug. Who do you turn to in that dire time of need? What if the house is empty and all loved ones off gallivanting somewhere else? What if you’re feeling poorly and just need to snuggle up with a something big, fuzzy and warm and hide away from the cold, cruel world outside?

Now there’s no longer any need to suffer alone, ‘coz this cozy companion is here to show you the way. Behold the contented and cosy bliss that is the life of a hibernating bear! And unlike those living, breathing human beings around you that are always rushing off here and there, this guy isn’t going anywhere. Instead, he’s gonna stay snoozing right by your side, with open arms ready for a warm embrace and squishy cuddle anytime. And he doesn’t even snore, scoring bonus points against those fickle, noisy humans.  What’s more, you can even choose which dozing beast to keep you company. Will it be a great Grizzly bear, or the exotic and world-famous Panda Bear? Either way, it’s a win-win situation with nature’s chillaxed giants.

These bear pillows have flexible and cuddly arms thanks to the piping inside, allowing these great paws to wrap around their sleeping human companion in a cosy bear embrace.


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