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Pufferfish Nightlight

  • Pufferfish Nightlight

    This cute, glowing pufferfish will keep you company at night.

    Bear Hug Pillow

  • Bear Hug Pillow

    Whether you’re planning a winter hibernation or just a quick nap, no lounging experience could be warmer and cuddlier than being embraced by a great big fuzzy lump of a bear.

    1-Day Delivery
    Book Rest Night Light

  • Book Rest Night Light

    Give your current piece of cultured reading a home by placing it on top of this charming, house-shaped lamp, which will keep your place while casting a warm, cozy glow around the room. Sure to prompt engaging conversation with other bookworms around.

    Cold Pillow

  • Cold Pillow

    Some clever people have created a pillow that stays cold, meaning that you can now properly savour and enjoy one of life's most satisfying sensations: The cold side of the pillow.

    1-Day Delivery
    Birdcage Nightlight

  • Birdcage Nightlight

    Keep this adorable nightlight plugged in to run all night, or take it for a midnight stroll while powered by the built-in battery.

    1-Day Delivery
    Moon Night Light

  • Moon Night Light

    With the Moon Night Light you can enjoy the moon, in any of its twelve magical phases, whenever and wherever you choose to have it. This easily installed moon is battery powered, controlled by a unique remote control, and also turns itself on when darkness falls.

    1-Day Delivery
    Colour-in Duvet Cover

  • Colour-in Duvet Cover

    Safe vandalism! Not only can you use your own duvet to express your artistic side, decorating the colour-in duvet also feels a bit wrong - which of course makes it fun!

    Totoro Bed

  • Totoro Bed

    You may not have your own Totoro neighbour, but you can have your very own Totoro bed!! Cuddle up with this giant Totoro that is also a super-cool and funky bed and/or sofa.

    £105.00 £150.00 CHECK IT OUT!
    Beanbag Hammock

  • Beanbag Hammock

    Everyone loves hammocks. And everyone loves beanbags! A former Dragons' Den contestant has given the world the Beanbag Hammock.

    1-Day Delivery
    Skateboard Mirror

  • Skateboard Mirror

    This fully functioning mirror looks just like a skateboard, complete with wheels, and those curvy bits. Except that its a mirror. And it hangs on the wall.

    1-Day Delivery
    Headband Headphones

  • Headband Headphones

    Do you struggle to get to sleep at night? Does your partner snore? Or maybe you're looking for ways to decrease the romantic advances from your spouse at bedtime?

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