Toilet Brush Safe

toilet brush safe

KH Security Safe Toilet Brush, 370160

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Toilet Brush Safe

The key to keeping valuable safe is to hide them away somewhere nobody would ever dream of looking. And what better place than in an inconspicuous toilet brush with a twist?

Perfectly functioning toilet brush
Perfect for hiding money, jewellery, medicine or other valuables
Secret storage inside keeps valuables safe (and clean)

We all have valuables like jewellery or cash that needs protecting from thieves and burglars. Or maybe you have a secret stash of chocolates that someone just keeps finding and helping themselves to. So whatever you want to keep safe and hidden away from unwelcome visitors, the question is, where should you put it?

The answer is: somewhere where no one in their right mind would ever consider looking. Forget stashing cash under the mattress or hiding things in the underwear drawer, because there is a far better and safer location for your precious goods. That’s right: the bathroom! This humble room in your house is somewhere no one would ever normally store their precious stuff, which is exactly why it is so perfect for the ultimate hidey-hole. And the toilet brush is usually a rather unappetizing item that no one really wants to handle very much, making it the most inconspicuous host for your valuables.

Rest assured that despite its realistic disguise and perfectly functioning outer components, the isolated secret compartment inside will keep your items clean and pristine while sheltering them from prying eyes. The actual brush is a real brush, but the base is thick enough to hide the secret compartment, which is accessible from below. Just screw the lid off, stash your valuables inside, leave in the bathroom, and no-one will ever suspect anything from the toilet brush safe.


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