Sheep Toilet Roll Holder


Sheep Toilet Roll Storage

Set: Wall shelf for storing of toilet paper rolls and toilet roll holder. Funny Wall Decals Sheep and Lamb made...

Sheep-shelf - a toilet paper storage for a large number of rolls. This shelf allows you to place in an easy and joyful way an entire package of toilet paper (30 rolls) on a wall, ...

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Sheep Toilet Roll Holder

Enliven your bathroom with the addition of these Sheep Toilet Roll Holder options. No more bland roll holders or piles of toilet paper on your bathroom. These happy sheep will make your visits that bit more enjoyable. The kids will love them too!

The shelf can hold up to 30 rolls.
Place the head and feet stickers yourself to have the sheep looking where you want them to look.
Made from industrial waste, so, great for the environment!

Mini Sheep Option

Sheep Toilet Roll Holder is a great way to free up space. Store up to 30 rolls of toilet paper on the wall on this little sheep shelf. No longer will you need to have your toilet paper rolls scattered on the floor and cistern –  keep them easily accessible instead. Wall mounting is as easy – simply screw the supplied hooks into your bathroom wall.

If 30 roll’s worth of storage is too much, choose the Mini Sheep option instead. The little lamb roll holder is slightly more manageable, giving you easy access to your priceless loo roll when you need it. Could this also be an excellent way to entice younger children to go to the toilet? Your animal-loving friends will also love this option.

This cute sheep design will add something unique to your bathroom and will make your bathroom the talking point of your parties… if that is the type of life you are after.


Sheep Single Toilet Roll Holder

stick on sheep toilet roll holder

Sheep - Toilet roll holder / Tissue Holder. Funny Wall Decal made of various kinds of veneers.(Mounted without screws)

Sheep - funny toilet roll holderThe Sheep is suitable for any width roll.At first, the SHEEP makes the toilet training a lot more fun for you and the baby by keeping your baby ...

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If storing your entire toilet roll arsenal publicly visible on your wall isn’t your type of thing, you might want to get this more subtle, but equally adorable single roll dispenser option.

Need funky toilet paper to show off? Get yourself black toilet paper or glow in the dark toilet paper.


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