Hokusai Great Wave Shower Curtain


hokusai great wave shower curtain

ZiChuangD Vintage Great Wave Hokusai Shower Curtain

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Hokusai Great Wave Shower Curtain

Why have a boring shower curtain when you could have one so stunning that it should really be hanging in a sophisticated art museum? Let this masterpiece of a shower curtain provide a sensational backdrop to your relaxing bath, and be the muse for your intriguing shower thoughts.

Machine washable
Beautiful, exotic and classy
Polyester fabric

The iconic Great Wave off Kanagawa by famous Japanese artist Hokusai is a striking and timeless piece of art, famous all over the globe. Art, as connoisseurs will tell you, is not something to be glanced at casually before moving on to the next thing in life. No! True art should engage all the senses of the body and should move the heart to the very core, resonating in the depths of the bare soul… Or something like that.

Anyway, a realistic experience of having an actual tsunami tidal wave crash over you would be wet and cold and scary – a bit too much sensory overload, right? But this version allows you to enjoy the magnificent image of a breathtakingly wild and powerful ocean while feeling soothing gentle waves of warm water from the shower or bath wash all over your body. A truly engaging and relaxing experience, worthy of the snobbiest art enthusiast.

The polyester fabric curtain measures 72×72 inches (thats 182cm x 182cm, also known as shower curtain size), and does such justice to the original work of art that we’re sure Hokusai himself would be impressed.


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Last update was on: 4 April 2020 02:03

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