Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

game boy cartridge soaps

Game Boy Cartridge Soaps
Gamers value soft hands and sweet scents too!
Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

Even hard-core gamers need a break from the virtual world for essential things like showers or a trip to the loo. But who says that break needs to be game-free? Die-hard gamers will be glad to know that now you can bring classic games even into the bathroom itself.

Available in various classic game versions
Each soap individually packed in it’s own cartridge case

There can never be too much Nintendo in one’s life. Or too much geekiness. Or too much gaming. Which is why it is only appropriate that gaming love should spread and permeate every nook and cranny of the house and every aspect of our daily routines. And nowhere can this be more easily done than the bathroom, thanks to some warm-hearted and  like-minded soul who has come up with these genius soaps.

tetris game boy cartridge soapDo you want to remember the moment your cute Squirtle evolved into a powerful and monstrous Wartortle? Or the day you first discovered the wonders of Zelda? Or those countless hours of boundless joy navigating Mario around endless dangers? Or do you want to revel in the unbelievable high score you reached that one time in Tetris?

Whatever your precious gaming delights are, now you can relive your love for your beloved games every time you wash your hands or hop in the shower. These fantastic little soaps are life-sized, ultra- realistic soapy versions of classic Nintendo games, and even come individually packaged in their own plastic cartridge cases that genuinely look like the real deal.

Vegan-friendly, gentle on the hands, and with a refreshing citrus fragrance, they are just the ticket for keeping an avid gamer spick and span and smelling fresh as a daisy, whether immersed in the real or virtual world.


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