Donald Trump Toilet Paper

donald trump toilet paper

Donald Trump Toilet Paper - Novelty Loo Roll by Dump on Trump

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Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Is it a cheeky gift for the person with different political views from you? Or perhaps a reminder to take the world of politics a little less seriously? Or just a functional and practical roll of paper for all kinds of practical daily use? Whatever the use of this roll of toilet paper, it’s sure to cause a laugh.

Use, or store as a keepsake
Great for the person who has everything
Liven up the next political event

When someone’s face appears on toilet paper, it really could go two ways. Either they’re so popular that they are rightfully venerated on every kind of printed medium possible. Or their reputation is seriously going down the toilet… Either way, sometimes you need to take your politics with a generous dose of humour!

If your politics is all doom and gloom, and you can’t see the light at the end of the never-ending farce led by political leaders around the world, it’s time to have a laugh at the expense of those powerful people. If you need a helping hand to do that, then just grab one of these helpful little rolls.

You can actually use it as toilet paper. Or you can just display it proudly on the bathroom windowsill to get a chuckle out of anyone using the facilities. Maybe even keep it on your table and use it for blowing your nose. Or use each sheet as a mini, decorated napkin. Or leave in your friend or host’s bathroom. Or even a restaurant bathroom. Or give it as a gift.

Leave it on the desk of someone who needs a bit of humour in their day. Or take it to a political party. Or use it to wipe away your tears at the next election. Or your friend’s tears. The options are many for this versatile roll of soft, printed tissue!


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