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Bamboo Bathtub Tablet Holder Caddy


bamboo bathtub tablet holder caddy

Premium Bamboo Bath Tray by Harcas. Gorgeous Extendable Bathtub Caddy with Wine Rack and iPad Holder/Book Rest.

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Bamboo Bathtub Tablet Holder Caddy

Multitask like royalty with your very own bamboo bathtub tablet holder caddy. You’d be hard pushed to find someone who hasn’t snuck a snack or two into the tub with them before, or at the very least a mug of tea or the occasional glass of wine or six.

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Live life to its fullest with this bamboo bathtub caddy and watch the comfort and productivity of your ‘tub-time’ increase exponentially! The rack hovers over you like a bridge, allowing you to place anything you can imagine on it. A book, a magazine, an iPad, an Indian take away, the neighbour’s dog…anything you can get your hands on! It even has specially located grooves and thingymebobs which allow you to comfortably and safely place your book/iPad, and/or glasses of wine etc…pretty cool huh.

Oh and for you workaholics out there…wouldn’t you much rather be going over ‘important work documents’ in the comfort of a warm bubbly bath? Yes, we all know fine well that you wouldn’t actually do that, but hey – if it makes you look good, its worth having.

If all you’re looking for is an iPad stand, we have a Pillow iPad Stand you may like.



Bath iPad Holder:  Sit any iPad or tablet safely in at a great viewing angle while you relax in the tub. Perfect for those moments when you need some downtime to yourself. Watch the football, catch up on Family Guy, browse Youtube or Netflix, play Candycrush… the opportunites go on and on! For those of you who like to multitask or are simply more adventurous, why not load up Facetime or Skype and get that important meeting/ family catch up out of the way?

Wine Glass Holder:  Of course this caddy comes with a wine glass holder. Carefully desinged with an unsteady wine glass in mind, just slot it in from the side and the caddy keeps it safe from most knocks.

Accessory Holder:  Yes, there is a dedicated space for other stuff. It’s smartphone shaped, but we won’t judge you if you decide to put anything else in there.

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Last update was on: 9 December 2020 12:14
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