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BaKblade 2.0 Back And Body Shaver For Mens Grooming | Easy To Use And Effective Do-it-Yourself Back And Body Hair...

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Lowest price Product: BaKblade 2.0 Back And Body Shaver For Mens Grooming | Easy To Use And Effective Do-it-Yourself Back And Body Hair Shaver | New 9 Inch Wide DryGlide Blade- Shave Wet Or Dry*** | Experience The "Perfect Shave" - £34.99

Back Shaver

Not too keen on a hairy back? Transform it into super smooth skin through easy shaving with a remarkable back shaver. Looks like a humble back scratcher, and is just as easy and efficient to use.

Four inch shaver blades easily cover larger surfaces
Blades slide in and out of handle for handy replacement
Slightly flexible handle for perfect reach of hard-to-access skin

Although we are living in the era of hipsters, hairy bikers, man-buns and overgrown beards, not everyone is a huge fan of being hairy. Big bushy beards may be the epitome of manliness and coolness to some, but others prefer the smooth, clean-shaven look. And even beard devotees sometimes prefer to restrict their hairiness to the face and head only. And some people are just naturally hairier and bushier than others, whatever their inward convictions about hairiness actually is. Which is all to say that we all have hair, but not all of us want it!

So if you are covered in unwanted hair, how should you go about controlling it? Most men shave, of course, but what if that hair is awkwardly sprouting all over your back? Unless you are a talented contortionist, bending your arms to reach that fuzz on the back will be challenging, to say the least.

Enter the BakBlade Back Shaver 2.0! Looking remarkably like a squeegee slapped onto the end of a back scratcher, this bit of kit is actually a fabulously smooth shaver that will leave skin baby smooth after a super quick shave.

Featuring an easily replaceable blade, this back shaver uses patent-approved technology on the end of a sturdy, but slightly flexible handle for convenient access to more difficult-to reach areas. The generous four inch blade quickly and efficiently shaves large surface areas. How much easier could it be? Hairy biker or not, this is the way to that super smooth skin you want.

For perfect facial grooming, check out the Beard Shaper Comb.


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