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Sheep Toilet Roll Storage

  • Sheep Toilet Roll Storage

    Sheep toilet roll storage is a great way to hold your toilet paper whilst adding something special to your bathroom.

    1-Day Delivery
    Beard Shaper Comb

  • Beard Shaper Comb

    Stencil, comb and define your way to the perfect beard.

    Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

  • Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

    Keep your gamer self clean and fresh with these appropriately themed and incredibly realistic soaps.

    Automatic Toilet Seat

  • Automatic Toilet Seat

    Save your marriage or relationship by installing a toilet seat that lifts or lowers itself as required by the person using it. Fully automatic and sensor-operated with multiple control options, this is one intelligent and useful toilet seat.

    Toilet Night Light

  • Toilet Night Light

    Is it an alien spaceship? Or a bucket of glowing radioactive substance? No, it’s the welcome sight of beautifully easy-to-find, glowing toilet.

    1-Day Delivery
    Bathwater Barrier

  • Bathwater Barrier

    Perfect for babies and kids: Adapt a big bath to a small one by sectioning off part of the tub. Saves you time, water and money.

    Hokusai Great Wave Shower Curtain

  • Hokusai Great Wave Shower Curtain

    Show your friends and family just how sophisticated you are by hanging up this wild and iconic work of art in your bathroom.

    Back Shaver

  • Back Shaver

    Get rid of that unwanted hair on your back with an ultracool back shaver that reaches those cumbersome areas with the ease of a back scratcher.

    1-Day Delivery
    Bloodstained Bath Mat

  • Bloodstained Bath Mat

    Turn your bathroom into a horror movie set by laying down a pair of bloodied footprints on your clean, white bath mat. Just wait for the reactions from unsuspecting visitors…

    Fill Your Bath Overflow Cover

  • Fill Your Bath Overflow Cover

    Take back control of your own bath - and help it realise it's full potential. Block that pesky safety overflow drain, and fill it to the depth YOU want.

    £36.31 £40.13 CHECK IT OUT!
    Santa Toilet Seat Cover Set

  • Santa Toilet Seat Cover Set

    Just when you thought the house couldn’t possibly get any more festive, along comes a jolly Santa Claus decorated toilet. Whether you’re a devoted believer in the wonder of Christmas or a hardened and embittered Scrooge, give your household and guests a merry laugh by kitting out at least the toilet in true festive ...

    Toilet Brush Safe

  • Toilet Brush Safe

    Keep your things safe from thieves with a cunning safe disguised as an unassuming toilet brush – which, fear not, keeps the valuables stashed inside perfectly clean as well as safe and secure.

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