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Cat Hammock -80%

  • Cat Hammock

    Make your home safer and clutter-free by moving your feline's catnaps out of harm's way.

    £7.88 £35.00 CHECK IT OUT!
    Dog Selfie Stick -76%

  • Dog Selfie Stick

    Get that perfect picture - secure your dog’s absolute, undivided attention and slobbery smile with a squeaking canine selfie device.

    £6.00 £25.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Vegetable Spiralizer -80%

  • Vegetable Spiralizer

    Slice your favourite vegetables into veggie-noodles for a healthy alternative to bland pasta. Use in salads, stir frys, or even in a bolognese...

    £5.95 £25.00 CHECK IT OUT!
    Self Stirring Mug -67%

  • Self Stirring Mug

    You know you've made it when you own one of these! The Self Stirring Mug does exactly what it says on the tin - push a button and your cuppa stirs itself.

    £4.50 £12.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Sunflower Umbrella -67%

  • Sunflower Umbrella

    Let a sunflower keep you dry.

    £13.99 £39.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Ice Ball Maker -67%

  • Ice Ball Maker

    It's time to move on from traditional rectangular shaped ice cubes. Ice balls look amazing and melt slower than conventional cubes.

    £7.79 £21.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    Fill Your Bath Overflow Cover -65%

  • Fill Your Bath Overflow Cover

    Take back control of your own bath - and help it realise it's full potential. Block that pesky safety overflow drain, and fill it to the depth YOU want.

    £14.36 £40.13 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Half ‘n’ Half Pie Tin -60%

  • Half ‘n’ Half Pie Tin

    Can't decide which kind of pie to bake? Make both! Cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements by making two different pies in the same clever tin.

    £8.53 £20.60 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Mummy Morphsuit -59%

  • Mummy Morphsuit

    This creepy costume could be the best use of a morphsuit yet! Complete with blood stains, you can be sure you will scare a few folk by wearing this morbid, yet incredibly authentic guise. Much easier than wrapping yourself up in toilet paper.

    £16.99 £39.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Knitted Mermaid Blanket -55%

  • Knitted Mermaid Blanket

    For those days when you want to stay warm and feel like a magical species of the sea. This warm blanket is a far more practical method of turning into mermaid than any dodgy spell or heartfelt wish.

    £22.95 £49.95 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Jedi Dressing Gown -51%

  • Jedi Dressing Gown

    A new dressing gown you need. Look within yourself for the dressing gown of your dreams you can. Your ideal dressing gown, the dressing gown of Jedi robes you must seek! No other dressing gown as epic or comfortable as this one will you find!

    £19.50 £39.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Bamboo Bathtub Tablet Holder Caddy -51%

  • Bamboo Bathtub Tablet Holder Caddy

    Never get bored in the tub again - because now you can chill with your iPad, favourite book, glass of wine...

    £24.97 £49.97 CHECK IT OUT!
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