Uni Survival Kit

Discover the web’s ultimate uni survival kit. Browse through our pick of cool and unusual gifts for anyone going to university, whether fresher or about to graduate.

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Washable Keyboard

  • Washable Keyboard

    Remember that keyboard you ruined by spilling your coffee all over it? Had you been using one of these... it wouldn't have been an issue.

    £36.27 £39.00 CHECK IT OUT!
    Easy Set-up Motion Detector Alarm

  • Easy Set-up Motion Detector Alarm

    Get your kids into good habits, or make sure your things are safe with this Easy Set-Up Motion Detector Alarm.

    Electronic Kitchen Safe

  • Electronic Kitchen Safe

    Want to remove distractions from your life? Or maybe keep treats away from your kids? You need an Electric Kitchen Safe.

    1-Day Delivery
    Champagne Bong

  • Champagne Bong

    Bored of drinking your Champagne from a flute? Make drinking your favourite bubbly fast and fun with this new glass.

    1-Day Delivery
    Mini Personal Raclette

  • Mini Personal Raclette

    Rustle up a gourmet cheese feast for one anywhere, anytime, in just a few mouth-watering minutes.

    £9.78 £9.99 CHECK IT OUT!
    1-Day Delivery
    Pizza Cushion

  • Pizza Cushion

    This yummy pillow is the perfect way to snuggle whether you are just lying on the sofa or catching a nap.

    Pufferfish Nightlight

  • Pufferfish Nightlight

    This cute, glowing pufferfish will keep you company at night.

    Bear Hug Pillow

  • Bear Hug Pillow

    Whether you’re planning a winter hibernation or just a quick nap, no lounging experience could be warmer and cuddlier than being embraced by a great big fuzzy lump of a bear.

    Pokémon Eye Chart

  • Pokémon Eye Chart

    Test and train up your eyes for pixelated Pokémon chasing with an appropriate and adorable eye chart.

    Balcony Railing BBQ

  • Balcony Railing BBQ

    Barbecue sets are often clumsy things that gobble up a lot of precious space, but this is a different creature altogether. Slim and versatile, it can be hung on a railing or wall for a perfect, out of the way urban BBQ.

    Toilet Night Light

  • Toilet Night Light

    Is it an alien spaceship? Or a bucket of glowing radioactive substance? No, it’s the welcome sight of beautifully easy-to-find, glowing toilet.

    1-Day Delivery
    Perfect Drinkmaking Scales & App

  • Perfect Drinkmaking Scales & App

    Create the perfect cocktail every time when you have your own digital bartender in your own home.

    £14.99 £29.99 CHECK IT OUT!
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