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Wing Nut Pencil Sharpener


wing nut pencil sharpener

SUCK UK Wing Nut Pencil Sharpener

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Wing Nut Pencil Sharpener

Everyone knows someone who’s a bit of a nut.

Whether they are an engineering nut, an architecture nut, or just a nut, here’s a fun (and subtle) way to let them know what you think of them. This cool little pencil sharpener is a wonderful example of beautiful design that works extremely well. The handy little ‘wings’ on this nut not only help you sharpen your pencil much faster, but also provide a lever against which you can apply force in order to turn the sharpener and sharpen your pencil in record time. Wow, Physics really does work!

Small enough to keep in your pocket, and hard enough to use as a missile if you’re up against a pack of  bullies trying to steal your protractor again, this wing-nut pencil sharpener looks funky and is easy to use. Also ideal for people with overly large finger pads, who may struggle with turning those tiny pencil sharpeners in their massive digits. The sturdy construction will also prevent this pencil sharpener from becoming crushed in your iron grip.

The perfect gift for people who really, really like pencils, or people who really, really like wing nuts, this wing nut pencil sharpener is sure to turn some heads!

If you need to sharpen more than just pencils, you can take a sharpener to the kitchen with the Carrot Sharpener.

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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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