Waterproof Keyboard

logitech washable keyboard

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Waterproof Washable Keyboard

So you’re a messy person. And a clumsy messy person at that. How many keyboards have you destroyed this year?

A funny cat gif comes up in your news feed, and you spit your full fat coke everywhere in a messy overflow of hilarity. You sit down with a pie at the computer, only to drop most of it in between the keys, so you can’t use E to U because they are gummed down with reconstituted meat gravy. Finally, another clumsy and/or messy person has come up with the solution to your problem! A fully washable keyboard!

Do your worst, drop cheeseburger sauce on it, cover it with hot tea, then top with a serving of finely ground chip crumbs. But it’s all good! To restore it to its former beauty, just a quick rinse under the tap, then dry it off and its as clean and shiny as new! Now, no-body need know about your clumsy and slothful habits, You can get through a whole long weekend of raiding, or just sit around in your Pjs watching pirated movies for days. Then when your parents call to say they are visiting, have a quick shower with your keyboard, a towel dry, and you’re socially acceptable again!

Not suitable for dishwasher use.

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