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Steering Wheel Table


ESUMIC® Car Laptop/Eating Steering Wheel Desk (Gray)

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Steering Wheel Table

Become the king of multitasking and save huge amounts of time when you introduce the steering wheel table to your car.

This cleverly designed table has a variety of uses, meeting a wide variety of practical needs. The desk can, for instance, be utilised as a sort of eating tray, putting an end to the days of balancing your Bic Mac on your knees while you try and tackle your fries with one hand and grasp onto your McFlurry with the other. What’s a meal without a refreshing beverage to wash it down? Well whaddya know… this handy table also comes fully-equipped with a drinks holder!

Moving away from edible purposes, this also doubles as a work-desk on which you can rest a laptop/ipad/notebook etc… Anything work-related really. What better place to take that carefully planned instagram picture of your macbook, colour coded notedpad full of post-its, and piping hot mug of tea to pretend to all your friends that you are actually working on something big? Or maybe you’re just playing The Sims on your laptop…who are we to judge?

Of course we do not recommend that you use your steering wheel table lfor any purpose – working or eating while driving. Luckily the desk is extremely easy to dismantle and store away within seconds, and fits into a tiny space, perfect for hidden stowing.


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Last update was on: 25 March 2020 02:02
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