Smartphone Air Pollution Sensor


smartphone air pollution sensor

CleanSpace Tag: The Personal Air Pollution Smart Sensor

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Smartphone Air Pollution Sensor

Global warming is a hot global topical issue at the moment, with experts warning that our increasing desire for energy and power is having a negative effect on the environment around us. One of the main contributing factors towards global warming is air pollution.

Every time you get into the car, or turn your fire on in the house, you are increasing your own personal ‘carbon footprint’, which combined with the rest of the world’s, is said to be slowly increasing the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere; with deadly projected consequences.

On a brighter note, with the CleanSpace Tag personal smartphone air pollution sensor, you can monitor air pollution levels both indoors and outside, in the city or in the country, using your smartphone! The app shows you the ‘cleanest’ route to get to your destination (i.e. areas where air pollution is at its lowest), allows you to plan ‘cleaner’ journeys, and also rewards you for making your journeys ‘cleaner’ (for example cycling instead of driving).

Pretty cool, we know, but here’s the coolest part. The device is powered by FreeVolt technology, so it will never run out of charge. It is ingeniously powered by wasted energy from surrounding Wi-Fi and cellular signals! True story.

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