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Smart Skipping Rope


smart skipping rope

Tangram Factory Integrated LEDs to indicate Revolutions, Smart Jump Rope , SR_BK_L , Black , L

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Smart Skipping Rope

Do you enjoy keeping active while keeping an eye on your progress? Do you also enjoy shiny bright mesmerising lights? Well the Smart Skipping Rope is then the ultimate toy for you! This intelligent skipping rope has some very innovative features:

LED-embedded rope
Syncs with Smart Gym app
Displays your fitness data in mid-air!

The Smart Skipping Rope is unique and innovative jumprope that does everything you could ever want a jumprope to do. Not only does this skipping rope have all of the features listed above, but it comes in a variety of different colour that you can choose yourself! The handle grips can be chosen to be either chrome, gold or black. You can then choose from an even larger variety of colours from the soft grip. You can also choose to have no colour if you wish.

This amazing new device can also be linked up to the Smart Gym app, so while you enjoy the light shows in your room or wherever you may choose, you can also keep a track of your fitness data. Our innovative jumprope won’t only keep you visually entertained, but will also help you to become healthy and active!

And who said staying fit couldn’t be fun?


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Last update was on: 31 March 2020 18:11

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