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Rocketbook Wave Smart Reusable Notebook - Upload Notes Using iOS/Andriod App and Then Microwave to Clear All Pages and Start...

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Lowest price Product: Rocketbook Wave Smart Reusable Notebook - Upload Notes Using iOS/Andriod App and Then Microwave to Clear All Pages and Start Again - Standard/Large Size - £29.99

Smart Notebook

Take notes with good old-fashioned pen and paper, send them instantly to the cloud, and then erase the paper for future use with a futuristic zap in the microwave.

Instantly save your pen and paper works to the cloud
Includes Pilot FriXion pen
Erasable and re-usable 5 times

So you have a smartphone and a tablet and whatever other gadgets and gizmos help your life, but you still find yourself jotting things down in an old-fashioned paper notebook. Because there are times when good old paper and pen really is the best! Taking notes in a meeting, for example, or sketching out a quick idea for that project you’re working on.

Some people use tablets and special digital pens and things like that, but it’s just not quite the same – plus, then you have even more batteries to charge. But of course, the downside of working with pen and paper is that saving and sharing your hard copies t the internet can be quite a problem.

But who says you can’t have your cake and eat it? Or, in this case, have your hard copy pen and paper notes and save and organise them instantly and effortlessly to the cloud? The brainchild of two guys who love the natural feel of pen and paper but want to keep their notes in the cloud, the smart Rocketbook is the answer to this whole frustrating problem.

With this sleek paper gadget, you can write, scribble and sketch directly onto the pages as you would normally. When you want to save something, hold your phone above the book and the sophisticated machine vision will take care of the rest. Detecting your pages in milliseconds, the notebook’s own app scans them and sends them to the online destinations you’ve told it to. What’s more, you can also share your notes with team members, family, and classmates through email and instant messages – all through the same system. So you can have hard copies and soft copies of the same notes!

The coolest thing about this notebook is that you can re-use it by erasing all your notes from every single page in one sweep by literally zapping it in the microwave. That’s right – chuck the whole thing into the microwave, give it a blast, and remove a completely clean and new notebook, ready for use once more! So once you’ve filled it up and saved all your pages to the cloud, you can erase and re-use the whole thing again. And you can repeat and re-use for a total of 5 microwave cleanses, basically giving you 5 brand spanking new smart notebooks for the price of one.

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