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Smart Hydration Reminder


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Ulla Flamingo Pink Smart Hydration Reminder

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Smart Hydration Reminder

The busier we get, the easier it is to forget basic but essential daily routines like drinking water. This smart gadget will keep your body healthy and energised by making sure you get hydrated enough throughout the day – the very foundation of a healthy body and lifestyle.

Converts any glass or bottle into a hydration monitor
Glows to remind you to drink regularly
Packed with smart technology to monitor your water intake

8 glasses a day, they say – yet how many of us actually drink enough life-giving H20 throughout the day? Precious few, as the makers of this little device have discovered. Which is weird, because it’s not like it’s a mammoth task or anything. Just pour some water into a glass and… well….. drink it! But somehow it just doesn’t end up happening that way.

Many of us even faithfully carry a bottle around and still manage to get through the day without actually sipping enough to properly hydrate our bodies. And the worst thing about it is that most of the time we don’t even realise we’re dehydrated – especially when downing cups of coffee or other dehydrating liquids make us feel like we’ve drinking all day.

The effects of dehydration can seem like separate health issues, which can make it even easier to forget our precious water intake. Headaches, dizziness, low energy levels and other nasty side effects are often caused by a lack of water, but instead of drinking more, many resort to painkillers or a change of diet, trying to patch up the symptoms rather than address the real cause of the issue. And since prevention is better than a cure anyway, why not figure out a way to simply drink more water instead.

Here is a simple and beautiful solution to the problem: a sleek monitor that keeps track of your drinking throughout the day and gives a gentle but persistent reminder that it’s time to take a sip. Slip it on your glass or bottle, and its state-of-the-art movement, tilt and light sensors will detect when you drink and when you don’t. If you forget to sip, the monitor will start to glow to remind you to take that all-important sip.

Following an optimal hydration interval, this monitor will gently but persistently remind you to drink at least twice per hour. And to top it all off, it’s 100% automatic, switching on automatically with the first sip of the day, and turning itself off when no longer needed. Running for up to 6 months on just one battery, this is a no-fuss gadget requiring no attention except that all-important regular sip of water.



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Last update was on: 17 January 2021 00:51
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