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Rotating Time Lapse Camera Mount


rotating time lapse camera mount

TurnsPro - Time lapse Camera Mount - Panning Rotating 360 for GoPro DSLR iPhone. Motorised Pan Head for panoramic photos

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Rotating time lapse camera mount for GoPro, cameras and smartphones

Take time-lapse videos and pictures with this camera mount from TurnPro. GoPro panoramic videos and smartphone time lapse selfies are easy with this spinning mount.

  Automatically spins for smooth filming
  Use with a GoPro, DSLR, smartphone and compact camera
  Adjustable settings for different results

It’s like a mini robot for your camera, gently turning to capture gorgeous panoramic photos and video. The perfect gift for the GroPro owner who has everything!

Attach it to a tripod or rest it on a table, pop your camera on the top and off it goes. This time lapse camera mount has a range of settings – you can alter the speed of rotation, the angle, the number of spins and the direction. Create exactly what you had in mind with this handy little bit of kit. It comes with a clip to attach a smartphone too, so you can be taking panoselfies within seconds of opening the box.

Full Tech Specs

  • Rotation time of between 20 seconds and 10 hours
  • Spins continuously or goes back and forth
  • Clockwise or anticlockwise – the choice is yours!
  • 4 AA batteries needed, and these power about 10 hours of use
  • Mount weighs 300 grams
  • 7cm tall without attachments added
  • For cameras weighing 1KG or less


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Last update was on: 15 October 2019 00:29
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